SAMI® Ecowood systems are based on the use of shortwave technology to eliminate wood plagues in a simple, ecological, efficient,

and non-invasive way.

The insecticidal action of SAMI® Ecowood comes from the increase in temperature generated by short waves. These rises in

temperature cause the elimination of xylophages living inside timber structures.

SAMI® Ecowood definitively solves any type of infestation quickly and safely, avoiding the use of harmful and ineffective chemicals.

SAMI® Ecowood acts only on insects, maintaining the integrity of the structures and objects treated.  



  • Efficiency guaranteed 100% – i.e. the total elimination of the infestation, both living insects as larvae.
  • Reduced costs compared to traditional treatments.

  • Easy to adapt to any surface and structure.
  • Systems with high durability and quality, adapted to the harsh working conditions of end users.
  • Analog control panel for quick and easy operation.
  • Maximum security guarantees for the operator.
  • Easy operation and transportation.
  • Maximum protection of the property and goods treated.
  • 100% Eco-friendly.